Gearbox - AK/Arsenal Ultra Torque M150 Rear Wired - Ultimate

Gearbox - AK/Arsenal Ultra Torque M150 Rear Wired - Ultimate


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An Ultra Torque, M150 solution gearbox for AK/Arsenal

With an ULTIMATE® complete gearbox you can make a perfect upgrade by doing a simple gearbox-exchange. The gearboxes can also be reconfigured by the numerous alternative ULTIMATE® upgrade parts and/or be adapted to other AEG models. Typically an exchange of a few parts like cylinder, nozzle or trigger will be sufficient for the 4 standard gearboxes from ULTIMATE® to cover the AEG’s that use version 2 gearboxes.

The ULTIMATE® Upgrade Series complete gearboxes are assembled by skilled technicians to ensure that the tolerance of the mechanical parts is balanced to minimize friction. Each technician even makes sure that every complete ULTIMATE® gearbox performs and sound like a well-oiled piece of machinery.

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